Faculty Writing Help

Welcome, Faculty . . .

. . . to the Writing Center

If you are faculty and you want to run writing assignments in your classes, you can get help at West Shore's Writing Center!

This page will be updated over time with useful tips and processes for helping your students grow through the act of writing.

At this time, we highly recommend that all faculty download and read our handout on creating great writing assignment prompts.  Also, we have sample prompts for chemistry, early childhood education, and geology that you can download as well--and we will be adding more.  For now, if your discipline is not represented by these few samples, you may be just fine reading the tips handout and/or modifying one of sample prompts for you purposes.

As always, it's best to send your prompts to the Writing Center.  Besides offering suggestions for improvement of prompts, Writing Center staff can often help students much more if they have your writing assignments on file.

If you have any questions about what other services the Writing Center can perform for you, please don't hesitate to contact us.