Communications Courses

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Courses in Communications


    ANI 101    Elementary  Anishnaabemowin I    Inactive
    ANI 102    Elementary  Anishnaabemowin II    Inactive

    ENG 051    Introduction to College Writing   
    ENG 052    Introduction to College Reading   
    ENG 053    ESL Communication Skills   
    ENG 101    College Learning Strategies   
    ENG 111    English Composition I   
    ENG 112    English Composition II   
    ENG 115    Creative Writing   
    ENG 119    Technical Writing    Inactive
    ENG 125    Writing for Publication    Inactive
    ENG 250    Writer's Workshop    Inactive
    ENG 251    Introduction to Linguistics   
    ENG 295    Readings in Fiction    Inactive as of 1/20/2010
    ENG 298    Independent Study: Communications   
    ENG 299    Internship: Communications

    FRN 101    Elementary French I   
    FRN 102    Elementary French II   
    FRN 201    Intermediate French I    Inactive
    FRN 202    Intermediate French II    Inactive
    FRN 298    Independent Study: French   
    GRM 101    Elementary German I    Inactive
    GRM 102    Elementary German II    Inactive

    JRN 150    Introduction to News Writing   
    JRN 200    Advanced News Writing 
    LIT 101    Introduction to Literature   
    LIT 102    Introduction to Irish Language and Culture    Inactive
    LIT 151    Topics in Literature   
    LIT 211    American Literature, Pre Col-1865   
    LIT 212    American Literature, 1865-Present   
    LIT 213    World Literature   
    LIT 221    English Literature I    Inactive
    LIT 222    English LIterature II    Inactive
    LIT 231    Introduction to African-American Literature    Inactive
    LIT 250    Introduction to Shakespeare   

    SPN 101    Elementary Spanish I   
    SPN 102    Elementary Spanish II   
    SPN 203    Intermediate Spanish III    Inactive
    SPN 211    Intermediate Spanish Conv & Comp    Inactive

    SPE 101    Principles of Speaking   
    SPE 110    Interpersonal Communications   
    SPE 201    Advanced Interpersonal Theory    Inactive
    SPE 205    Argument and Debate    Inactive
    SPE 202    Introduction to Mass Communications    New as of Fall 2013

    SPE 203    Introduction to Radio Production    New as of Winter 2014