Internship Expectations

Internship Expectations


You will be expected to complete The Internship Activity Report every two weeks (or as often as instructor requires), detailing hours worked and tasked performed. This report must be signed by the employer and submitted to the instructor. It is your responsibility to become familiar with, and abide by, the personnel requirements of the employer. You may not abandon a job. Prior to discontinuing an internship you must first consult your instructor.


Employers have agreed to provide a minimum of 96 Hours of training during a given semester. Employers will work with both the student and instructor to determine appropriate learning objectives for the internship. Employers will assist in evaluating student performance at the end of the internship by completing the Employer Evaluation Form. Employer agrees to not terminate internship agreements prior to their designated completion date without consulting West Shore Community College and the named instructor.


Most students will receive minimum wage for an internship experience. At times, this wage may be higher. Occasionally, a work site will not be able to pay a student. The student will then decide if they wish to accept the internship for the benefit of the college credit and job experience alone.