Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process

  1. Apply for enrollment at MSU’s Institute of Agricultural Technology

    Go to http://www.iat.msu.edu/ click on link to admissions application on center of home page or complete paper copy of application.  Print this application, complete it and mail to IAT’s address on the application with the $65 application fee.  Request transcripts (High school and college(s) attended) at the time of application to IAT.

  2. Apply for admission to WSCC

  3. Send official transcripts from high school or any other colleges attended.

    Transcripts must be sent to both MSU IAT and WSCC.

          a. Institute of Agricultural Technology

             Michigan State University

             446 W. Circle Drive Room 120, East Lansing, MI 48824

          b. West Shore Community College

             Attn: Student Records Office

             3000 North Stiles Road, Scottville, MI 49454

  4. Apply for FAFSA online: using WSCC’s school code: 007950

    (as soon after January 1st of the year planning to begin college is recommended.)  

    Complete all financial aid requirements through WSCC Student Financial Services office.

    NOTE: Your financial aid package will be handled through WSCC, federal regulations require that you

                DO NOT apply for financial aid with Michigan State University for your program of study

  5. New Students (or students returning after two years or more) must complete the WSCC Online Student Orientation:  Follow this link to create a new password for your WSCC Account. After creating your new password, you will be directed to log into CANVAS to complete the WSCC Online Orientation.

  6. New students must schedule and attend the WSCC Registration session –
    After completion of the WSCC Online Orientation call Student Services at 231-843-5510 to schedule a Registration Session to schedule courses.
    (Current or returning students may call Student Services directly to schedule an advising appointment).

  7. Submit ACT or SAT Scores or take the WSCC Placement test – Students without ACT or SAT scores, are required to take a WSCC placement test to determine English and math course placement.  Please contact the Learning and Testing Center at 231-843-5528 for available times to take the assessment.  To learn more about the current COMPASS Test, check out the following link.

  8. When notified of acceptance at MSU, set up your MSU email account
    Learn to manage your MSU student information, confirm enrollment for each semester and tuition payments by clicking here.

  9. Make an appointment with Mark Garrison, MSU IAT Programs Coordinator at WSCC
    Set up an appointment to discuss your education goals, plan MSU classes, learn how to set up MSU accounts and how to register for classes. Call 231.845.3336 or email mgarrison@westshore.edu to set up an appointment.

  10. Register for MSU and WSCC courses.
    (Feel free to ask Mark Garrison for guidance with registering for MSU and/or WSCC courses)

  11. Complete the Partnership for Financial Aid Form (if applying for financial aid) submit your form to the MSU Program Coordinator (Mark Garrison) for signature.  Your form will then be submitted to the WSCC Student Financial Services office.  This must be done each semester.

    ***Should there be any questions along the way, call Mark Garrison immediately at 231.845.3336 or email at mgarrison@westshore.edu to get help and finish the process of concurrent enrollment***