Academic Services

2nd floor of The Commons

Free academic support is available to all WSCC students! Visit us on the second floor of the Schoenherr Campus Center in room 204. We are here to help with:

• English
• Writing
• Communication
• Presentation skills
• Math

Click this link to schedule a visit with one of the academic coaches: WSCC Academic Support

Contact Amber Rozek at arozek@westshore.edu or call 231-843-5556 to schedule an online visit or if you encounter any difficulties with scheduling.



Math Support is available to assist students in a wide range of classes.

We can help by:

  • Explaining and clarifying concepts
  • Working through example problems
  • Providing a time and place to practice problems



No matter what subject you are studying, quality writing skills are essential for success. The writing coaches can help during all phases of a writing project.


  • Understanding the assignment
  • Brainstorming ideas or finding a topic
  • Determining your main ideas and thesis
  • Outlining
  • Researching

Revising Drafts

  • Limiting or adding ideas
  • Reworking your thesis
  • Structuring the organization of paragraphs or sentences
  • Writing the introduction or conclusion
  • Paragraph unity: Each paragraph focuses on a single idea
  • Paragraph cohesion: All paragraphs are linked to your thesis
  • Reviewing transition statements between paragraphs


  • Proofreading for grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors
  • Formatting according to APA or MLA style

Effective communication and presentation skills are necessary both in and out of the classroom.

Help is available for all aspects of your communication project or presentation. We can help with:


  • Brainstorming topics
  • Determining your main idea and thesis
  • Researching and properly citing your sources
  • Outlining


  • Choosing an organizational strategy that fits your topic
  • Arranging your content logically
  • Formulating transition statements


  • Delivery tips for presenting in person or online
  • Using visual effects
  • Understanding speech anxiety


Tips for Success

Tips for having a successful consultation with an academic coach:

  • Be prepared for your visit
    • Bring your assignment sheet from your instructor.
    • If you have a draft started, bring it with you to review with the coach.
  • Come in as soon as possible! You can meet with an academic coach multiple times for the same project.
  • Remember, the coach may not be able to address every problem with an assignment. The focus will be on what can be accomplished in the time available.
  • Coming in for an academic session does not guarantee that you will receive an “A” on the assignment.
  • This is a collaborative process. Be prepared to be an active partner in the academic session.