Strategic Plan

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Our Plan

West Shore Community College invites community members to participate in its ongoing strategic planning process.

The purpose of strategic planning is contained in the definition of planning. Planning is anticipating trends and determining the best strategies to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

For WSCC, the strategic planning process provides the framework to advance the College's mission, vision and goals; this is accomplished by the College specifically taking action to better meet the needs of students and the internal and external communities.

The outcome of this planning initiative is a roadmap to the future and a new connection with the community enabling the college to be more agile and responsive to the needs of the community in the future.

The key steps in WSCC's strategic planning and renewal process involve:

  • Obtaining input from stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, local employees, four-year institution partners, and community leaders, through surveys, planning workshops, and open forums;

  • Conducting research and analysis on topics that are relevant to the well-being and improvement of the entire College and/or major divisions within it;

  • Analyzing financial factors, such as five-year revenue/cost projections; and

  • Reviewing the College’s quality improvement performance for instructional programs and operational systems

Current Plan

2014 - 2017 Strategic Plan

Previous Plan

2008 - 2013 Strategic Plan