Inclement Weather

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Inclement Weather Policy

Receive closing information via WSCC Alerts

In accordance with West Shore Community College’s Inclement Weather Policy, classes and community events hosted on the campus will meet as scheduled and offices will remain open for business as usual unless announced otherwise.

On days when the weather is inclement and the college is open, the decision to drive to the campus is at the student’s discretion. Travel decisions must be the responsibility of each student after assessing the road conditions in their respective areas, the condition of their vehicle and their driving skills.  If a student chooses not to come, students should inform their instructor and ask what they can do to make up any missed work.

Recognizing the college's responsibility to students and the community, the decision to close will be made only under appropriate circumstances as outlined in board policy. The college’s administration will attempt to make a decision as early as possible, and your understanding of these difficult decisions will be appreciated.

Additional Information

• On any day the college closes due to inclement weather, the college will remain closed through midnight of that day.

• Weather conditions can vary throughout the college district and decisions regarding the status of classes held in the Manistee County Education Center will be made independently of the main campus. Notices on the status of classes will be posted on the web site and announced on local radio and television stations.

• Other off-campus classes are subject to the local school district where they are held; if the local school is closed, the off-campus class in that location is canceled regardless of whether or not the college is open.

• Some campus facilities (i.e. Recreation Center and Ice Arena) may continue to operate and some community events may be held on the campus even if classes are canceled.

Board of Trustee Policy - 6057

The college has a responsibility to the students and to the public to provide the services and facilities for which they have contracted.  With this responsibility in mind, the college and its employees will make every reasonable effort to be open and available to provide its services and facilities.  The philosophy of the college is to remain in operation except when one of the following conditions occurs:
• A state of emergency is declared or the State Police or Sheriff's Office recommends closing the college.

• A majority of the primary county roads are closed or extremely hazardous driving conditions exist. 

• Campus roads, walkways, or parking areas cannot be kept sufficiently cleared.

The decision shall be based upon the administration's judgment of road conditions, the weather forecast, campus snow clearing abilities, and experience to answer the essential question; "Can a majority of students and staff safely reach campus?"

Where Can I Get Closing Announcements?

When weather conditions warrant, the college will place announcements on the Campus Operator Information Line (231-845-6211), the WSCC web site with class status or closing information on the Cancellations page (look for the ! icon on the homepage), Facebook, and the emergency notification system – WSCC Alerts or myNotify. Designated local radio and television stations will also be notified.

Those wishing to receive a text message or email directly to a mobile device are encouraged to use myNotify or login to the WSCC Alerts mobile safety site to confirm contact information and choose notification preferences.