Cast Announced for Breaking the Code


West Shore Community College Director of Theatre Michael Mikula has announced the cast for “Breaking the Code,” by Hugh Whitemore, a riveting play, following the life of Alan Turing.
“The cast includes a number of veterans to the Center Stage Theater, combined with some newcomers, and promises to be a wonderful production,” says Mikula.

Kyler McQuesten will portray Alan Turing in the title role and Paul Garland will play the role of Mick Ross. Carlos Ortega is Christopher Morcom and Brooke Portmann will appear as Sara Turing. Jackson Forner has been cast in the role of Ron Miller and Tyler Corliss will be John Smith. Jeremy Engwall will play the part of Dillwyn Knox and Rebecca Wyman as Pat Green.

“Breaking the Code” took London and Broadway by storm in this exceptional biographical drama about a man who broke too many codes; the eccentric genius Alan Turing who played a major role in winning World War II. He broke the complex German code called “Enigma,” enabling allied forces to foresee German maneuvers. 

Since his work was classified top secret for years after the war, no one knew how much was owed to him when he was put on trial for breaking another code; the taboo against homosexuality. Turing, who was also the first to conceive of computers, was convicted of the criminal act of homosexuality and sentenced to undergo hormone treatments which left him physically and mentally debilitated. He died by suicide, forgotten and alone. This play is about who he was, what happened to him and why.

The production support team includes Mikula as director and scenic designer, Assistant Director, LeAnne Engwall, Stage Manager Emily Hartrum, and Marty Cupp is the charge painter and scenic decorator. Amanda Colleen is the resident lighting designer, Adam Knudsen, resident audio engineer, Matt Crescenzi, resident assistant audio engineer, and Susan Barnard is the costume designer, with additional production support from Breanne Tetzlaff and Sean Pollock. 

McQuesten, Hartrum and Tetzlaff are theater scholarship students at the College.

The production will be presented at WSCC’s Center Stage Theatre on Thurs.-Sat., March 10-12, at 7:30 p.m., and Sun., March 13, at 2 p.m. 

Author: Thomas Hawley | Executive Director of College Relations