Student Success Summit

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A delegation from West Shore Community College is joining over 350 representatives from Michigan’s 28 community colleges for the 2015 Student Success Summit, hosted by the Michigan Community College Association’s Michigan Center for Student Success, on Oct. 1 and 2, at the Lansing Center. 

The two-day Summit is an annual event featuring presentations from national experts, community college practitioners, and other partners from the K-12, universities, and business community. 

The keynote address will be from Dr. Tom Bailey, Director of the Community College Research Center at Columbia University on “Redesigning Community Colleges: A Clearer Path to Student Success.” 

The Summit agenda includes spotlight sessions highlighting innovative programs and developments in the student success agenda, along with 19 breakout sessions from community colleges and partner organizations that will address topics related to program design, student guidance and support, teaching, learning and assessment, serving underprepared students, and stakeholder engagement. 

“With data showing that by 2020, 65 percent of all jobs in the economy will require postsecondary education and training beyond high school, there is a strong and sustained national focus for increasing not only access to higher education, but also improving the academic and supportive services ecosystem to ensure that more students are able to attain quality credentials that are of value in the marketplace,” said Mike Hansen, President of the Michigan Community College Association (MCCA). 

“With roughly half the undergraduates in Michigan being served by community colleges, we are a critical component to reaching these attainment goals.  Our priority is on identifying and implementing strategies that ensure students succeed in higher education and are prepared to make meaningful contributions to the workforce and their communities.”

Since the creation of the Michigan Center for Student Success in 2011, there has been a positive trend in student outcomes based on data submitted to the Michigan Education Dashboard.  Following students over a six-year period, there has been a 9% increase in the number of students who are graduating with a degree or transferring to a four-year institution. 

“This is a promising trend suggesting that the collective efforts of the community colleges and the Michigan Center for Student Success are having an impact.  But with only 53% of community college students graduating with a degree or transferring, there is still much more work to be done,” Hansen added.

With partnership and support from The Kresge Foundation, “The Student Success Summit is an important opportunity for community college leaders to come together with their peers, national experts, and other education partners to share innovative approaches and promising practices for improving student outcomes,” said Erica Lee Orians, the new Executive Director of the Michigan Center for Student Success.

Author: Thomas Hawley | Executive Director of College Relations